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Pancika Design Studio,

Sanjauli, Shimla 


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How our team brings your thoughts to life?

Pancika Design Studio is a group of super talented and experienced people who have worked in industry for quite a long and want to deliver a different customer experience in design and animation. What makes us different is the way we work. We have set principles, guidelines, missions and values that ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Our mission statement:

Delivering unmatched customer experience with excellent quality output, project management and highly efficient work ethics.

Our Ethics:

To deliver On Time, In Budget and with Zero to Minimum Rework.

Our Goal:

To help our customer achieve their goals


The design studio is founded in March 2019 by hugely experienced members who were fed up from the way other studios work and wanted to make a change. They know and possess killer design skills to produce brilliant work along with handling large projects by setting the right direction.


With us, you get peace of mind because your work is done and managed by us. We take full responsibility for the work from start to finish. We are accountable for our actions and know how to deal with problems. As a customer, you want solutions to your problems not to increase them further, which is what we care about most. Partnership with us means not only a great outcome, but a fully satisfactory workflow with constant improvements that suit your requirements.

We have happy customers all around the globe. We are willing to help you as well. So, welcome to Pancika Design Studio and send us your work inquiry. We are at your service and will help you in the best way.